Learning & Knowledge Analytics

I wasn’t very successful the last time around when George Siemens and his team has announced their (first?) MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Learning Futures. Hopefully, I will get back to it soon. For some reason, however, this current MOOC on Learning & Knowledge Analytics seems to be more promising (from the point of view that I may actually complete it).

Here’s an extract from the Course Description:

The growth of data surpasses the ability of organizations or individuals to make sense of it. This concern is particularly pronounced in relation to knowledge, collaboration within an organization, teaching, and learning. Learning institutions and corporations make little use of the data learners “throw off” in the process of accessing learning materials, interacting with educators and peers, and creating new content. In an age where educational institutions are under growing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, analytics promises to be an important lens through which to view and plan for change at course and institutions levels. […] Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2011 is a conceptual and exploratory introduction to the role of analytics in learning and knowledge development. Most of the topics do not require advanced statistical methods or technical skills. Topics covered during the six-week course will introduce participants to a systemic and integrated view of analytics in the following settings:

* K-12
* Higher Education
* Corporate
* Government
* Organizational

Feel free to join; it’s free. The full syllabus is at the LAK11 Blog

I’m choosing to post all about LAK11 on this blog because, well, it’s a journey in learning and somehow is related to my Masters, for which I started this blog.



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