Sociology: Understanding Education

Useful additional study material for MES-011, Block 1, Unit 1& 2, from Bolender Initiatives, LLC.

Online Course: Sociology.

This course contains references to Talcott Parsons, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber, which have been mentioned in this block. The course is free for the purpose of personal study or use in teaching at an educational institute.


2 thoughts on “Sociology: Understanding Education

    1. That’s fair, methinks. After all, if we do not talk about society – what use – the talk of sociology? 🙂


      You may have noticed that this is a blog for resources and ideas related to a course that I am doing – so the focus is a bit sharper on the “studies”. Having said that, if I really have to “learn”, I’ll have to do more than just ‘study’!


      Let’s talk!


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